Cupping and Whole Body Vibration

What is cupping therapy?
Cupping therapy is a traditional Eastern medicine therapy that has been used for over 3,000 years.  It involves using special cups to apply suction over the skin of an affected muscular area.  


How does cupping work?
The suction creates a negative pressure in the cup, which causes the soft tissue within the border to get sucked up into the cup.  To balance equilibrium, blood will also rush in to the area underneath the cup, which will have a lower concentration of blood then the surrounding area.  

What are the benefits of cupping?
Cupping is said to increase blood circulation, relieve pain, remove toxins from the body, and activate the immune system.

How does cupping help with pain?
For years, cupping has been known to help decrease pain.  It lifts fascia from the muscle, which can help reduce muscle tightness and relax the skin.  Cupping also relieves pain by bringing blood to stagnant skin and muscles, at the same time draining waste such as lactic acid from the muscles.  

Does Cupping Hurt?
Cupping is very safe to do and does not elicit pain.  If you feel pain, it can simply be from there being too much suction in the cup.  If that’s the case, tell the Doctor and he will reapply the cup with less pressure. 

What are the marks that are left over from cupping?
The marks that are red or mimic a bruise are painless and are a result of the cupping treatment.  Cupping brings in blood to that area where the cup is placed, so the darker the mark, the more stagnant fluids were brought to the surface.  Those fluids can be toxins, blood, and lymph.  These marks can last anywhere from a couple hours to a couple of days.

Whole Body Vibration


Whole Body vibration offers a low-impact way to improve your health in various ways.  The vibration of the plate causes the muscles in your body to involuntarily contract at the same rate the platform is vibrating.  The vibration stimulus produces a stretch reflex in 100% of your muscles which means your muscles will contract and relax automatically. 

Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

1. Improves muscle strength
2. Aid in weight loss
3. Reduce negative impact of stress
4. Reduce back pain
5. Increase bone density
6. Improve balance and coordination
7. Increases Energy
8. Increases blood flow and lymph drainage 

Just doing whole body vibration for as little as 3 times a week and 15 minutes per session can help you get your health back on track!

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