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"Thank you Dr. Bubanic, I had a sharp pain in my neck, and tight back. Dr. B got me back up and rolling in no time. I'll never go to another chiropractor, I recommend him to everyone! They have a family doctor if you need that as well! Will be taking advantage of that soon :)"

Ben Pasenow

"AMAZING! I could barely walk - let alone sit or lay. I was nervous to let anyone touch my back. After only 3 visits I was able to walk without being in pain and was even able to wear heels and stand/sit/walk for my mother's memorial service. Stephanie also has magic fingers. Thank you both so much!"

Christine Herring

"Dr. Bubanic has a great sense of humor and makes your visit a real pleasure. My back always feels better and I have a few laughs along the way. Thanks  Doc."

Cody N.

"My family and I have been seeing Dr. B. for several years. He's great with the kids. We couldn't ask for a better chiropractic experience."

Abbey Norman

"Dr. B. is really enjoyable to work with. He is light-hearted and seems to enjoy his job! I've gone to him for over 20 years!"

Heather Buzinski

"I've been seeing Dr. B. on and off for 15 years for a number of different injuries and illnesses. He is incredibly knowledgeable. I recommend him highly."

Nicole Halvorson

"Doc, been a patient for over 20 years. Stephanie is by far the best massage therapist you have had. She is not only personable, but very knowledgeable and the fact that she is also a personal trainer! Great move Doc! Always looking out for your patients best interest."

Barb B.

"Fantastic People, environment and a great Doctor. The new Therapist did great. Thank you for taking care of me."

Joe Weider

"Chiropractic and this specific chiropractor have improved my life dramatically for 3 decades. It's so basic, I don't know why people can't understand it. Help yourself!! Get and stay adjusted!!"

Susan Motherwell

"Dr. Bubanic and his staff are always fantastic! Always looking for your best interest and comfort. I am an athlete and have struggled with back issues, but since seeing Dr. Bubanic I have significantly improved. They also put a plan together for me for daily workout and stretch routines."


"I have visited Dr. Bubanic's office several times and there is nothing bad to say. He is a exceptional doctor and very down to earth. You can carry on a conversation with him easily. What I like most about him is that he truly cares about his patients. He takes the time to learn about his patients and builds a bond with them. He has patients that have been going to see him for over 20 years, clearly he is doing something right. If you are a new patient, he tends to call them at night after their first visit and make sure that their visit went well and see if they have any more questions. This shows that he is not only passionate about his job, but more importantly, his patients. I recommend Dr. Bubanic to everyone who is in search of a chiropractor."

Bo Zinner

"I have been seeing Dr. Bubanic and his team for many years, being one of his first patients. His knowledge and efforts has kept me out of surgery. With chronic back/disc issues, torn tendon and muscle strains, body functions out of sync and many other injuries he has continued to keep me moving, golfing, working and now back to bowling. He is knowledgeable in his field and listens to his patients. When I have a question or health issue, I talk to Dr. Bubanic first...about everything involving my health. He is my 'go-to for health inquiries."

Dorothy Schweitzer

"I've been going to Dr. B. for the past 21 years. He is always upbeat and ready fix what ails you. I have recommended him to friends and family, and will continue to do so."

Sean Hug

"Quality care, massotherapist on staff."

Leslie Kovalchik

"Dr. Bubanic was excellent. I have visited him with several sports related injuries over the past 2-3 years and each time he made sure that my recovery was quick and very easy. He helped manage my pain so I could continue to play through injury when necessary and also helped me heal a muscular issue in time for an important tryout. Definitely recommend for all of his services and staff!"

Joe Kummerl

"After my most recent back injury, I decided it was finally time to seek out the care of a chiropractor. A friend recommended Dr. Bubanic who had been treating his family for several years now. I called and was able to get an appointment immediately. Upon my initial exam, Dr. Bubanic was able to assess the issues that were causing me so much pain and discomfort in my back.  We then began treatments on my back right away. After just a few visits, Dr. B and his staff had me moving around a lot better. Now, I am pain free and right back onto my wife's "To Do List". Thanks for getting me back on my feet Doc, and my wife thanks you too."

Scott Mashchak

"Dr. Bubanic and his staff are the best!!! Any time I have needed an adjustment they have always found a way to accommodate me. If you're looking for a chiropractor - Dr. B. is it!!!!"

Judy Palmer

"I have been seeing Dr. Bubanic off and on for several years. When I have a flare up, I can always get in for an adjustment immediately. He and his team work well together to care for their patients."

Jolene Moody

"I have been seeing Dr. Bubanic for a number of years. I suffered from constant back pain before he started taking care of me. Dr. B and his staff are very friendly and truly care about everyone's well being."

Jay Moody

"After suffering daily for headaches for 2 years and countless trip to Statcare only to try pill after pill and a MRI and CAT SCAN my neighbor insisted that I try Chiropractic; specifically, Dr. Bernard Bubanic. So I scheduled an appointment and got one that same day {who does that these days} after Dr. Bubanic listened to my complaints and my medical history, the doctor did a complete exam and did x-rays right in his office. He then explained to me what he had found and I decided to try it!!! After a couple of visits I realized my headaches were gone. I followed up with massage and posture changing exercises. Dr. Bubanic and his staff treat u like family and I told my son who is a high school athlete and wife to go into his office. I highly recommend Dr. Bubanic and his staff."

Karl Lewin

"Dr. B. has done wonders for members of my family. You won't find a more caring doctor. You might be in pain when you get there, but you'll leave laughing and with a smile on your face.

Sue Hug

"Dr. Bubanic has been my chiropractor for 14 years. He offers excellent treatment and has an on site massotherapist."

Sue Christman

"I would highly recommend Dr. Bubanic and his entire staff to everyone. Physical therapy with Troy Bubanic has really helped me manage my arthritis. I think they are the best chiropractic team in Stark County!"

Sharon Schweitzer

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